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More than a porn magazine, Pello Passo needs something on the tactual side, in comes Thor. Right away, Pello sucks Thor first and has his uncut cock up in no time. Thor then jerks himself as he sucks Pello; who also has a nice uncut cock. The two then rise up into the middle of the bed, kiss and lie atop one another in a hot 69; both take aim and spank as they suck. Thor then lies on his back so that Pello can ride him; Pello has to spread his ass cheeks to accommodate all of his partner.

Pello’s cock swings between his legs as he feverishly grinds on Thor. Shifting his hips and holding onto Thor’s chest, Pello eats up every inch; from the back, we see Thor’s hardening balls, redden. Pello then turns himself around, on Thor’s cock. Thor supports Pello’s body while having him slam down on top. Grabbing both hips, Thor controls Pello’s thrusts; both enjoy the positioning. In a crab position, Pello squeezes his hands into Thor’s chest, Thor rubs Pello’s nipples.

Pello then angles himself so that he can be spanked; he jockey’s his hole right on top of Thor. The camera catches the plundering, fast paced action; both are close. Pello grabs his own hard cock and instantly releases a lava flow of thick cream. Thor then busts onto Pello’s balls, a load equal to his partner. The two lie side by side and continue kissing.

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Gay Bareback

Travis Cooper is an up and cumming Gay For Pay porn star that has been a feature model on Being that I’m a friend of the Producer of that site, and that Travis happens to be a San Diego native, I convinced this hot stud that it was time for him to hit the big leagues… to take his first cock, San Diego Boy style!

You guys may also recognize the other model, named ‘Nu.’ He is also an ex ‘Broke’ Gay For Pay model who found his true calling as a bi-sexual man. Travis and Nu had done a scene together before, so Travis said he’d only be comfortable having his hole broken into…’bare’… for the first time by Nu.

The result of pairing these 2 together in their first ever bareback scene is one explosive video! Watch Travis and Nu in the RAW at!

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