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Well, let’s just dive right in: Vincent is bottoming. I figured I would leave it ambiguous, as to who was going to get fucked, at least from the first video. Vincent doesn’t make it clear, as he comforts his friend, after she cheated on him. has the guys barebacking in “Vincent and Jake part #2.”

On all fours, Vincent is helping Jake out, okay, “in” by allowing Jake to fuck him. This is the first time Vincent has bottomed; I think he’s a little nervous, but he’ll do fine. Jake is into it from the get go, “fuck, that feels so good” he moans. Getting used to the feeling, Vincent says, “fuck,” but he means it in a different way than Jake. “I love fucking that hole; it’s so tight,” pants Jake; Vincent quips,” it’s supposed to be tight;” he buries his head under a pillow, but he does keep his ass up for Jake.

Angling a shot from the side of them, they do look hot together. Just when I think Vincent’s had enough, he says, “oddly enough, this does feel good;” prostates are a man’s best friend when being fucked. Jake continues to thrust as he turns Vincent over, missionary style. “Fuck yeah, tight hole and so juicy,” remarks Jake, going balls deep. Vincent keeps moaning, never again, but I do see his dick stiffening. “I feel like such a female, bro,” whines Vincent, on his side and receiving all of Jake.

Changing up the pace, Jake goes in and out then slows it down. “That feels so fucking good,” groans Jake. “I’m gonna cum,” he quickly adds and starts exploding all over Vincent’s flank; splooge splatters up and down Vincent’s side. I don’t know if I have any friends out there that would let me fuck them if my girl cheated on me? Okay, you know me well enough to know ‘I don’t do fish,’ but that would make a hell of a pick up line.

With Jake’s hoe cheating on him, he turns to his friend, Vincent, for help. Vincent suggests that there’s nothing better to forget your troubles than to “take one up the ass.” For, here’s “Jake and Vincent: A Blessing and A Curse, part #1.”

Jake works Vincent up and fast as he sucks on his, “horse cock.” I zoom in to Jake’s oral skills; I agree, that is a nice, thick cock. I’m sure that will help push Jake’s girlfriend’s memory out of Jake. As Vincent goes up on his knees, Jake is face fucked and devours him. “You know you don’t have to lick my balls,” says Vincent, but being thorough, Jake responds, “yes, I do.”

As Jake continues to orally arouse Vincent, he tells Jake to, “suck that big ole’ fat cock,” Jake obliges. And when Jake plays with Vincent’s balls while blowing him, he moans even more. Vincent watches Jake’s work and comes closer. Then, Vincent says, “I’m about to cum,” and does; dollops of jizz land onto Vincent’s groin and stomach. Jakes continues to play with Vincent’s cock, smart boy. Wait until part 2 “cums” out; these two share more of Vincent’s “blessing and a curse.”

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