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Evan Jones is 20, 5’9″, 160 and uncut. He’s here today at to do a solo. He’s been curious about guys and thinks he, “might find it enjoyable;” his very limited experience with guys was not great, but he wants to try again. I have him in today to stroke himself, but with that smile, I may have him do more.

As Evan leans back and watches the porn, he starts to stiffen; he also says he jacks off a couple of time a wee as a, “stress reliever.” As I ask about his “curiosity” about guys, Evan says he’s thought about, “getting fucked, fucking, sucking dick and getting the whole experience.” I’d say he’s thought about this quite a bit and he, it is San Diego.

He has touched a guy in the past, “but it was nothing extraordinary.” When I ask if he wants to touch my dick, he lights up and says, ‘it feels good.” I have him unzip me; as he pulls my pants down, I catch his cock hardening as well. Removing my underwear, Evan remarks, “that looks good, I like that;” I have to agree, I like it too.

Working himself up, he stands and pokes out. As he fondles his dick and balls I ask if he wants to Jack me off; “let’s do this,” he answers. Stroking my cock, he seems excited for the experience; Evan asks if I like it; I do. Within a few more tugs, I am dropping a load on the floor, ‘now it’s your turn’ l suggest.

Stretching out, Evan strokes himself and focuses on the porn. Getting that sweet glazed look, he shoots his load onto his legs and groin, “feels exquisites” he moans. We’ll see Evan again, to check another thing off his bucket list.

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The minute I read the title of this film, “Jizz Injection” I knew this was going to be my kind of movie. After watching it, they are definitely going to get ALL of my business!

We start out with the men working in the shop and Angelo (top) is cleaning a part when Carl Robinson (bottom) steps in to show him how clean it needs to be. Carl pulls down his pants and shows us how clean shaven his pubes are. At this point, it’s all about the TOOL Carl has to work with!!

Angelo can’t resist the opportunity to get his hands on that uncut tool either and grabs a hold to see how well it fits in his hand and then his mouth. The precision and devotion he shows this beautiful uncut cock is truly worth noting.

Then it’s Carl’s turn to check out Angelo’s tool and see how well it feels and give it a try.

They both approve of each others tools for the light work, but can they perform the heavier work’load’? Carl turns around and bares his ass for a “check up.” After Angelo inspects all of the external moving parts, he’s now going to inspect the internal moving parts to make sure they’re in working order.

Angelo inserts his tool for a deeper inspection and shows us how well he uses his tool. Working it in and out, all around giving Carl a thorough inspection. Now he has to check it out from a different angle and they sit down on the chair. It appears Carl is loving the personal inspection as well… his cock stays hard the entire time.

Watch as these two put their final seal of approval on their inspections with a jizz injection!

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