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Ennio, a young soldier comes in for his physical. He is greeted by the base’s chief medical officer, Dr. Carl. Wasting no time, Dr. Carl examines Ennio to make sure he is fit for duty. The doctor, while looking over the boy, notices his semi-hard cock; “are you hard?” he asks. Ennio smiles and unzips his pants. The doctor now uses his own devices to continue this exam.

Dr. Carl spits on the cock and continues his efforts to evaluate the Ennio. Well trained, it isn’t long until, when Dr. Carl asks Ennio, “do you like it? The boy jumps up and grabs the doctor’s face, kissing it passionately; leaving that question answered. Next, Ennio is stripping and presents his hot body for Dr. Carl to check out. The doctor sees: a toned and tight set of abs, large chest with strong biceps and a dick that could be used to fly a flag; even his feet have a look that says, “suck me.” Naked and propped up on the exam table, Ennio moans, “yeah” as Dr. Carl sucks, strokes and spits on that soldier’s weapon. Standing up, Dr. Carl removes his scrubs to reveal an equally sensual being. The patient eagerly shows his sucking skills as he swallows deep. Leaving nothing to chance in this physical, Ennio manipulates the doctor’s balls as he continues to blow; now it looks like they’re both going to get physical. Ennio repositions himself to be orally examined once again by Dr. Carl.

Now, with both of their cocks stiff, Ennio says, “come on” and stands the doctor up so that the patient can now examine the doctor’s ass. Without instruments, Ennio uses his face and tongue to gauge Dr. Carl. Spreading wide, the doctor’s tight ass is slapped and rimmed. Loving all of this physical attention, Dr. Carl moans, “oh yeah.” Ennio, knowing a little something about double duty too, continues to lick the doctor’s ass as well as give a helping hand to the Dr. Carl’s cock.

The doctor’s temperature is ready to be taken and Ennio’s thermometer slides in nicely. With his perfect physical condition, Ennio is able to keep the thrusting going for quite a while. He only stops to move the doctor to the table for closer and deeper examination. Dr. Carl jerks his dick and moans, “oh yeah, yeah.” Ennio pinches the doctor’s nipples to heighten his pleasure. As they work in rhythm, the doctor’s load oozes out onto his uncut dick. Ennio keeps pounding, being the soldier he is. From behind both men, we see that Ennio’s hard work is also making beads of sweat build up on his legs as well. All of the sudden, the camera quickly goes back up to the doctor’s dick, where we enjoy a second load; this one shoots straight from his cock to his stomach. Ennio isn’t far behind as he pulls out just in time to unload on Dr. Carl’s hole. The camera catches the evacuation of Ennio’s cock, and the continued puckering of the doctor’s asshole; both men are fit for duty.

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Gay Bareback

Rod Stevens and Julian Vincenzo are two hot, horny and sweaty soldiers. They’re short on water and food, but long on cock and balls! These ripped studs aren’t letting the war keep them down, in fact, if anything it’s getting them up. Bare chests and dog tags exposed these two hardened killers are getting each other hard. Sucking cock and working in a tight asshole are two of today’s top missions. Bent back with his feet behind his head, this soldier takes an anal pumping like a good boy as he reaches around to jerk himself off. Sentry duty never looked so damn hot.

Video On Demand