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Oh, Leo had to go there; we are going to really enjoy this SDBoy! Where does it begin? Where else, but in the shower, with Leo “dropping the soap.” Not dropping it in the “correct” direction to show us his ass, Leo diligently picks up the slippery bar and drops it “again,” in the “correct” direction. Filming such mistakes has its rewards; a perfect bubble butt.

Nice, very nice: lean body, round ass, trimmed pubic hair and he’s uncut. Leo towels himself off and says he is, “warm, clean and ready for the day.” In this case, the day starts back in bed with a wank and a smile. I ask him about the sensitive parts of his body; stroking is dick, he says, “my ass.” “Anything playing with my ass arouses me, including a thick dildo.”

With a nice build, he tries to work out daily; I think he could be considered a twink moving toward a jock. I’ve got gay porn on in the background to help him achieve his goal; he’s starting to get flush and a “deer in headlights” look comes over him. About his jack off habits, “twice a day, including right after I go to bed because it puts me to sleep real quick.” And for an ideal man, he smiles and says, “tall, dark and handsome;” ah youth. “Oh, and he has to top me,” Leo interjects. I’m so glad someone gets to pound that bubbly ass.

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Big Beefy ex-Marine John apparently has moved into one of the apartments near ultra-tan and petite Leo. John explains to Leo that he has a girlfriend who doesn’t put out. And also that he has always been a little bi curious. The sexy little “Leo the Lion” was definitely not a tame one. He had John feasting on his ass in minutes. John was really relishing this sweet hole and of course had to stick his long thick bare cock between those nice tan buns. John drilled and pounded and plowed Leo until there was nothing left of poor Leo’s ass. Then John left Leo a warm gift right on his hole, and shoved his dick back in for more.

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