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SD Boys presents Tim Hunt and Rick Nova. Both men say they are straight, but have had a bit of experience with other men and want to explore. As well, both appreciate the voyeuristic aspects of having bareback sex while being videotaped. Ricky said he would bottom, while Tim will be the one in the driver’s seat. On the sofa, they lean in to kiss and feel each other’s body. Ricky seems to prefer to handle Tim right now; he is the first to go down on the other. As Ricky swallows Tim’s cock, Tim takes his dick out of Ricky’s mouth and slaps it against his tongue; he is now fully erect and ready to take on Ricky’s member. While enjoying the shaft of Ricky’s dick, Tim hold on tight to Ricky nice bubble butt. Next, Tim takes Ricky from behind in a doggie style position. As the camera goes behind both of them, we see both of their ball sacks swinging with the rhythm Tim is creating. Ricky gets so into the motion, he starts to slap his own ass, and Tim moans ‘oh yeah, fuck.’ This is really a great angle to see how both men are getting their fill of exploration.

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Vaclav (the horny, desperately cute gay rent boy from Prague with a fine, fine body) is having his big cock sucked while he’s standing up against the wall. The small of his back is arched in ecstasy and his magnificent muscular adolescent torso is bristling with straining muscles. When Vaclav takes Miroslav’s big roll of raw manmeat up his bum for a bareback fuck he screws up his face and grunts, sighs and tenses his visibly defined six pack as he rides that dick. The sex between these 2 hot gay escorts almost couldn’t get any better. It’s a shame Vaclav knows he’s so god damned beautiful because he cost a $1000…

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