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Scott Johnson just moved to San Diego and needs some extra cash for college. Although not into labels, he has been with guys before; the first time was at a frat party. He is here today to jerk off; this SDBoy watches some gay porn, gets hard and blows a creamy load.

Lying on the couch, he tugs to get hard; adding his own spit for extra lubrication. As he rises, I think we are in for a big treat. As he gets to his happy place, he rubs his nice hard nipples and bites his lips; his eyes are constantly glued to the guys on the TV.

As the camera angles from above, we see he is indeed a nice size with some girth. His legs start to tense and release as he works his cock. He slaps his dick against his body; we can appreciate his nice piece of meat. Now moving the camera to a side view, Scott seems to really like his head, with his hands; all the sudden he says, “I’m gonna cum;” he oozes out a creamy load down his shaft and onto his fingers. A quiet cummer, but a nice pop.

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When you want to move up in the ranks, one has to be ready to take any position offered. So when Daneil has a chance to do more with his ASSperations, Neo suggests a suck and fuck would go a long way, as well as help his career.

Down to business, these two undress each other, quickly. Both have nice, toned bodies and look like they are packing some heavy artillery. Neo’s dick hardens fast in Daneil’s mouth; Neo pants and watches attentively as his comrade devours him. Thrusting toward his partner, Neo pants heavily; Daneil must have been exposed to this type of command before. Hardened and heated by Daneil’s mouth, Neo sweeps away the paperwork on his desk; he is now ready to go over Daneil’s dick, to give it his seal of approval. “Big dick,” Neo comments as he goes down on the shaft. Daneil can’t take his eyes of Neo as he is being serviced. Lying on the desk, Daneil shows his strong muscles, probably one reason he was chosen for the job. Hopping, popping and sucking on Daneil’s missile, Neo shows how to take charge. As they both enjoy the rigors of their ASSignment, they moan and caress each other’s nipples. Neo then sits on a chair as Daneil kneels beside him, lapping up Neo’s praise, “oh yeah.” Daneil is truly in his element as he works to polish Neo’s riffle.

Both men stand, face each other and size up all that each has to bring to the table. Neo decides today will be his turn to have a working member in him. He uses his desk for support, putting his leg in a chair, and readying himself for this anal ASSault. The look on Neo’s face as he is first penetrated by Daneil says it all: it’s always good to have a strong man behind you. Doing Neo comes easily to Daneil, he seems to enjoy fucking the brass; he slaps Neo’s ass often. “Yeah, fuck my ass,” remarks Neo; his dick agrees, as it rises and falls with Daneil’s rhythmic penetrations. Balls deep, Neo lays his head on the table and begins to stroke his hardened cock. Neo is sure he enlisted the right man for this job, as he smiles at Daneil.

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